When time get tough – trust in your Agent
March 13, 2024

When time get tough – trust in your Agent


We get multiple calls each day from clients asking “Why did my insurance rates go up?”  At this point, we should all have realized that inflation is impacting every aspect of our lives. There is not one single item we buy or service that we pay for that has not increased in price over the last 4 years. We must face the fact that insurance is going to cost more than it did before.  Additionally, there are going to be more changes on the horizon.  And just like the 2.5% mortgage rate, “cheap” insurance no longer exists.

That being said…I totally get it. It sucks, there is no other way to say it. I completely understand and empathize with every single client that calls in.   I hear the frustration and stress in their voices, and feel the pain in their pocket books. I know that every dollar counts, because it counts in my house as well.  My business and personal insurance costs have both increased as well.  Our elected officials and the powers to be must repair our declining economy, before any industry will be able to recover.

 We are all in this together.

But now is the time to trust in your Agent.  We represent multiple carriers, so that we can offer our clients options.  We also can review your current coverages and deductibles, which can make your premiums a little more budget friendly.  Here are some things that you can do to help manage your premiums as well:

1. Slow down

2. Stay off your cell phone and avoid distracted driving.  Traffic tickets and AT -FAULT Accidents are premium killers

3.  Improve your Credit score

4.  Enroll in your Insurance carriers Mobile Driving App.  This is great way to save money

5.  Increase your deductibles to the MOST you can afford

6.  Do NOT turn in small claims

7.  Bundle your Home and Auto policies

8.  Before purchasing a new car, call us for a quote on the vehicle.   EV’s, expensive luxury brands, and high-performance cost more to insurance

9.  Take a Defensive Driving course, which provides a discount.

10. If you have teen drivers on your policy, they might qualify for a Good Student discount

11.  Do NOT jump from Insurance company to Insurance company.  You loose loyalty credits if you have not been with a carrier for at least 12 months.

 Thank you for continued support during this difficult time.

We’ve got you covered!

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