“Ambulance Chasing ” attorneys VS. your Insurance policy
September 27, 2023

“Ambulance Chasing ” attorneys VS. your Insurance policy

After a car accident, Ohio drivers soon receive a second jolt: a bombardment of calls and mailings from Personal Injury lawyers hoping to capitalize on their misfortune.

In some instances, people are getting called the very next day!  

“Get paid fast”, “No fee unless you win”, “No out of pocket costs”, “Free consultation”, and “Millions won for clients” are just some of the tactics attorneys use to entice accident victims to hire them and file a lawsuit.

 Some Attorneys are even advertising a “CLAIM ESTIMATOR”….to help determine what your accident is worth and how much you can win.

WIN??  REALLY??  This is an auto accident, not a lottery scratch-off ticket.  If anybody “wins” it’s the Attorney…..as they typically retain up to 40% of the settlement for the services.

This is why you need good Insurance.

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