Tips to avoid Halloween-Related Insurance Claims
October 5, 2021

Tips to avoid Halloween-Related Insurance Claims

KEEP YOUR WALKWAYS CLEAR: Make sure your walkways are well-lit for visitors and clear of trip hazards such as electrical cords, garden hoses, wet leaves, snow and decorations (like carved pumpkins).
SECURE YOUR RAILINGS: If your property has stairs that guests will have to climb, make sure the railings are secure to prevent trips and falls.
SECURE YOUR PETS: Your pet might get spooked by doorbells and groups of trick-or-treaters in costumes. Keep your pets away from guests in order to avoid injuries like dog bites and cat scratches.
DECORATE SAFELY: Avoid using real candles and other flammable materials such as crepe paper and cornstalks. Consider glow sticks or battery operated LED lights instead of a candle. If you need to plug in any decorations, make sure you don’t overload electrical outlets.
PARK YOUR CAR IN A SAFE PLACE: If you don’t have a garage, park in a well-lit area to reduce the chances of motor vehicle theft and vandalism.

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