SCAM ALERT: Storm chasers posing as Roofing contractors
August 26, 2021

SCAM ALERT: Storm chasers posing as Roofing contractors

Storm chasers are in our area, posing as Roofing contractors, knocking on doors and telling Homeowners that they qualify for a “FREE” roof.
They ask the Homeowner for their insurance information…then file a claim on their behalf. They do not want any Agent involvement, and only will talk with the Claims Adjuster. IF the claim is approved, they will then try to find an actual Roofing contractor to do the job for less money than the claim amount….and pocket the difference.
They will not provide a written estimate upfront, because they do not know how much the claim will be approved for. They will however ask you sign a blank contract requiring you to use their services IF they get your roof “bought” (exact verbiage).
The 2 contracts that I have seen also state the Homeowner is responsible for all unforeseen issues, cost overruns and materials not covered by the Insurance company. They are also unable to provide an exact start date, since they don’t know who will actually be doing the job.
If you have damage to your home’s roof caused by of all the bad weather we have had this summer, PLEASE CALL YOUR AGENT or INSURANCE COMPANY DIRECTLY.

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