Pro Tip – Why did my Auto quote change?
March 29, 2022

Pro Tip – Why did my Auto quote change?

Auto insurance quotes that you gather while shopping for the best rate are subject to change. Quotes are not binding and they can easily change within just days after being received.
One of the main reasons a quote will change is because the Insurance carrier filed for a rate increase with the State Insurance Commissioner, and the request was approved. Agents are typically given little advance notice of upcoming increases, if any at all.
The second reason is…quotes are only as accurate as the information that you provide. If you put false information about your driving history, or you don’t disclose a ticket or accident, it’s easy to get a misquote. It is also important to be accurate about how your vehicle is being used (commute? food delivery? Uber?), along with how many miles you drive per year.
Thirdly, is the lack of personal information provided on the application. Your Agent is going to need your date of birth, Driver’s license number, and Social Security number in order to run the necessary reports required to bind insurance coverage. Without these, expect to receive a rough estimate at best.
Help us, help you! Please provide accurate and complete applications the next time your are shopping for insurance.

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