February 1, 2022


We live in a world of  24/7 news coverage.  We know well in advance if a Winter storm is coming, when and where it will hit, how long it will last, and what kind of conditions it will produce. 

So to avoid having a panic attack, standing in long lines, and the possibility of empty shelves, start prepping a couple days out:

 1. Fill the car with gas.  Filling an additional gas can might not be a bad idea either.
 2. Be sure you have enough food and water to last 3 days for each person in your home.
 3. Be sure you have enough Prescription medicine to get you through.
 4. Have flashlights and candles ready in case of power outage.
 5. Be sure you have plenty of extra batteries.
 6. Charge all of your mobile devices and phones AND conserve your battery life.
 7.  Have an emergency Transistor radio with a fresh battery at the ready. (yes, you can still get these)
 8.  Have your snow removal equipment ready to go.
 9.  Coordinate your work schedule with your Employer before the storm hits.  Also, assume NO SCHOOL / SNOW DAYS for the kids.
 10. DO NOT travel during the storm unless absolutely necessary.



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